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Twin Pregnancy And Beyond: A Guide For New Parents

Before the days of ultrasound, parents of twins had no idea they were about to have “double the fun.” Today parents can find out they are going to be parents of multiples well ahead of birth. This affords them time to prepare both physically and mentally. It’s a big challenge and requires some organization and the right mindset. Twin pregnancy and beyond: a guide for new parents.

We’re Having Twins!!!

During pregnancy there is the pure joy and exhilaration that you are carrying two little ones at the same time. Then pure fear may be the next emotion. How will we cope? We weren’t ready for this.

Next, expecting parents might shudder at the thought that both of these little ones will need to be fed, bathed, have their diapers changed, burped, held, and of course, loved. It’s a mind-full.

The most important reaction is to stay calm and not panic. Other people have had twins and triplets and they survived. So can you.

A Guide For New Parents Of Twins: Develop A Daytime Routine

That means one for you and one for them. Be consistent and organized, and the schedule should make sense. Feed them both at the same time and they will sleep at the same time. That is genius to allow you some time to rest and refresh. Otherwise you will be feeding them one at a time all day long.

When one baby wakes up to eat, wait a few minutes and wake the other one up too. This will eventually get them on the same eating schedule. After they have eaten, burp both.

Try to keep your babies upright after they have eaten to help them digest their food. You can also use a carrier seat/spouse/friend to hold the other. This is invaluable bonding time. Talk to them, play with them, sing to them, and keep them awake for a while. Try to give each equal time.

Then it’s time to change diapers.

Your nighttime routine should be different. You want the babies to go back to sleep sooner so no playing or singing. Keep the lights low and they will get the message.

Engage Some Help (within reason)

Your spouse should be part of all care certainly in the early stages. When he or she is working, invite others to help out. Be specific since you don’t want people visiting when you are trying to get some rest. Let relatives and friends know you could use their help. They will be thrilled to assist you.

Some other helpful ideas for new parents of twins:

  • Invest in a stroller for two.
  • Ask your doctor how to connect with other parents of twins or visit this website.
  • Stick to gender neutral clothes.
  • Use the handy internet to buy baby necessities.

This time is miraculous, stressful, rewarding, and may turn out to be the best time of your life.

Contact Women Gynecology & Childbirth Associates at (585) 244-3430 if you are experiencing depression or lasting baby blues from the stress.

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